Container Menu for several menus/options

The idea is to make a "Container Menu" that can have inside different actions/menus of BTT.

Example, after double clicking the menubar, a floating "container menu" showing the following context menu:

Menu 1: Hide all icons at left of BTT
Menu 2: Hide menu bar of the application
Menu 3: Open application "Safari"
Menu 4: Open application "Terminal"
Menu 5: Trigger Name "my Floating Window"
menu 6: Restart BTT

Also it would have the feature of organize the menu container in submenus. With submenus, the previous container menu would be like this:

Menu 1: "Hide options" with 2 submenus:
Submenu 1: Hide all icons at left of BTT
Submenu 2: Hide menu bar of the application
Menu 2: "Open apps" with 2 submenus:
Submenu 1: Open "Safari"
Submenu 2: Open "Terminal"
Menu 3: Trigger Name "my Floating Window"
Menu 4: Restart BTT

So, the main idea is to have a container feature that would allow to include any action of BTT in a personalized floating menu with personalized structure of submenus and personalized title menus.


From what I hear about future plan for BTT, this icon options is going to be developed much more in the future.
I think that if you assign to trigger with the same icon, only one will be displayed and if you click on it a menu will open for you to choose which of the two trigger you will want to execute. This is in spirit close to what you want even if this is less elegant (but I did not test that option yet)

If you have multiple actions on the same trigger it does not pop up a menu like you suggest. A menu container would be fantastic to have.

My example use case revolves around window sizing.
I would love to be able to right click, say the minimize icon, and have a selection of custom window sizing and layouts so I can easily move a window to a specific location without overloading my existing custom snapping guides.

Do you mean this: