Consecutive Triggers for Corner-Based Snapping

Hey team,

I like to have keyboard shortcuts to move windows into specific corners (top-left, top-right). However, I find that there is no current binding that would "make sense" for these actions. For example, fn-CMD-right is a logical way to move a window to the right hand side. For "top-right" It's not possible to set fn-CMD-right-up, as right and up can't both be present in the same shortcut! So, I am limited to setting a shortcut like CMD-fn-opt-UP for top, right -- which isn't ideal as it's easy to forget.

I would love to have the same functionality that Windows offers with it's native Aero Snap. See here for reference: In the Aero Snap solution, if a window is already snapped to a half (left, right, up, down), a subsequent snap to the perpendicular axis will combine to move it to a corner.

Example: snap to left (moves to left), then snap to top (moves to top left).

Thanks for reading!