Conditional Moving / Resizing to avoid Photoshop conflict

Super fan here! Thanks for the awesome work!

I love the "Moving & Resizing" option to handle my windows but with the key combination that I use (shift+opt for resize), I'm often resizing my Photoshop window instead of resizing a layer proportionally within Photoshop.

It would be nice to be able to exclude some apps of "Moving & Resizing".


Almost 4 years later, still think this would be pretty useful!

At the time, I was talking about Photoshop but I also have Illustrator, Blender, Lightroom, Sketch all disabled cause my gesture for moving/resizing is causing conflict.

Also found another post.

I will soon allow keyboard shortcuts consisting only of modifiers, combined with the start / stop moving or resizing actions this will be able to do what you want. (e.g. by setting them up in a conditional activation group that's not active for the mentioned apps)

with a little workaround this is already possible to configure, see this preset:

You will need to edit the conditional activation group to what you need:

You need to disable your current window moving setup when using this

Hi, thanks for the reply!

I can replicate this conditional activation group from your screenshot well but I'm not sure with which trigger/action to configure it. I tried something like "If battery charge goes higher than 1%" combine with modifier "Shift" + "Cmd" with the action "Move/Resize" but with no luck.

Am I getting something wrong?

ah, you can import the preset from my link, there I configured key sequences with option+shift to trigger the resizing

Oh, sorry, first time with presets!

That's great!

I end up moving the "Stop Resizing" and add a "Activate/Bring to Front Window Under Cursor" to the "All Apps" context.