Conditional activation groups but progrmatically?

I would like a group of triggers to only work when a program has a specific result. For instance, perhaps run a command line and get the output of it, the run triggers if the output matches or contains a specific string.

there are many ways to achieve programmatic triggering of BTT functions.

For example you can use the "Run Real Java Script" action to execute your shell script, check the result and then e.g. call the "trigger_named" or " * execute_assigned_actions_for_trigger"

(async () => {

let result = await runShellScript( {
    script:  `/bin/date` //make sure to use the absolute path to the command line utility you call

// do whatever you want with the result, e.g. call trigger_named
if(result.contains("Sun") {
 await trigger_named({trigger_name: 'ActionForSunday', wait_for_reply: true});

// at the end you always need to call returnToBTT to exit the script / return the value to BTT.