Concurrent action execution

Could we get an action, to execute, at least 2 actions in concurrence?
This would allow to execute multiple actions faster

What kind of actions? Many/most are limited by their nature to be run in sequence. Others like shell scripts are already executed in parallel

Basically right now wanted to toggle a custom variable, what I did was with a trigger, call 2 named triggers, but that doesn't work due to the default sync nature

one conditionally only runs when that certain variable is true, which makes it false
another when it is false, and makes it true

This solved it

(async ()=> {

    await callBTT('trigger_named_async_without_response', {trigger_name:'notes-did-unhover'});
    await callBTT('trigger_named_async_without_response', {trigger_name:'notes-still-hover'});

  returnToBTT('please return a string like this somewhere in your script');