Computer response lag when waking from sleep or locked screen because of BTT

When I wake my computer from sleep, or unlock a locked screen, there are 5 seconds where my mac is not responsive. Closing BTT is the solution to the problem. I have replicated the issue many times, including with the latest alpha version.

When its non-responsive, the mouse still works, but I can't click on anything or type anything. Whatever window is supposed to be active becomes inactive (the window color changes slightly as if a different application is active). This is quite annoying when it happens 20 times a day and I need to urgently send an email or log into a zoom meeting i'm late for!

I have a similar problem: When unlocking the laptop, BTT takes focus. So I have to CMD+Tab back to the active app. Also; sometimes BTT crashes when the laptop is unlocked. The app then opens the folder containing the app.

I'm on MacOS 12.2.1 (21D62) on a MacBook with M1. BTT version 3.744. Upgrading to Alpha release did not solve problem.

Indeed, I am facing this issue, and didn't think to see if BTT was responsible. If I sleep and then wake, I get several seconds where nothing is responsive, although in my case there is a small window where I can quickly click to activate an app before it goes dead for several seconds (I tested mostly with iTerm2, checking for keyboard input). Quitting BTT and trying the same thing and I do not see this temporary dead period.

Because iTerm can be configured to extensively "dim" when it is not the active app, I can see it becoming inactive, though there normally isn't time for me to use cmd+tab to refocus it, but this does confirm @Rasmus observation…

So I can "fix" this by disabling this option:

I don't know exactly what the side effects of disabling that is?

macOS 12.2.1 Intel MBP BTT 3.744

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This should be turned off by default, you should not see any negative effects when turning it off. The restart after sleep is only necessary in some cases where you want to reset BTT to recognize new hardware or similar. And this option indeed can cause a temporary lag.

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Great, turning that feature off fixed it for me, thanks @iandol !

I don't remember turning it on, but I probably did so thinking that it would save me from having to restart BTT every few days if it stops working. I haven't had to restart BTT in a long time, and I guess this is why - because it was restarting every time the computer wakes up.

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