Command + Q with HUD overlay


this is my first entry here ... :wink:

I want to add a keyboard shortcut to do the following:

If I click Command + Q there should be a HUD overlay for 5 seconds and then close the program.

I added a shortcut for Command + Q to delay the next action. Then I added an additional action to quit the app under the cursor. After this I turned on the HUD overlay in the first action.

But no HUD is shown. :frowning:

Do you have an idea how to create the shortcuts with HUD?

Kind regards

Try adding another action β€œShow HUD overlay” (or something similar) just after the quit action!

Unfortunately I think there is currently no good way to make this work because the delay next action will currently stop all execution in BTT - which unfortunately causes the HUD to only appear completely after the 5 seconds.

Also I'm not sure if that shortcut would do what you want. Do you want something like in Google Chrome where you have to press a key for a few seconds before actually quitting? This setup would not do this. It would just wait 5 seconds before quitting, but without a way to cancel it after the shortcut has been pressed initially.

Yes, I want to close all other apps like in Google Chrome.

There is another app called SlowQuitApps but it doesn't work so good.

Is there another way to do this with BTT?

I think it would be a good native feature for me to add. Should be relatively easy to do.

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That sounds very good. :slight_smile:

Hey Andreas,

have you found the time to add this feature?