Colorful Playback Widget

A playback widget that's colored based on the album cover of the song playing. It uses a lightweight .py file that extracts the dominant colors from the album cover. Details on how to install it are listed in an included readme file.
Download link: Google Drive

Some screenshots that I think looked pretty good:

this is all I see in the download?

I exported the preset as triggers only, silly me, updating now

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its still the same, but the file seems to be bigger...

Try looking under the condition group "Playing not Safari", if it still doesn't work I'll just upload the raw AppleScript.

nope, nothing there...

Hey, sorry for making you wait so long but I've updated the Google Drive file to contain the raw text data of the widgets which you can super easily paste into BTT(Detailed in readme). Also, if you use a music app that isn't Apple Music I'd be happy to configure it for other apps! :slight_smile:

I use Spotify :slight_smile:

This seems to be working: Google Drive

this preset in now right, but I don't understand how to set it up. can you explain it really simply for me pls?


start by right clicking the "" file, and open it with a text editor (text edit will work)

when it opens, hit command F and type in the search box "yournamehere" (without the quotes)

this should bring you to a highlighted section, replace the highlighted section with your computer username, the one that appears in /Users/here/desktop
That's all you need to do here, you can save and close the file after this

Once that's done, open finder and hit command G, then type in the search box "~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool" (without quotes), and press enter

Move the "" file into this folder, and you should be good to go

let me know if this works, I'm new to sharing but presets and clearly having some issues getting it working

I found the YOURNAMEHERE, but I don't understand how to find the username. is it this here?

also, I assume you mean Command F here? it didn't find anything when I searched that

You can find your username by right clicking on any file on your desktop, while in the right click menu, hold down the option key and you will see an option that says "copy filename as path". If you click that, it will copy some text that has you username in it :slight_smile:

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Silly mistake on my part, I meant command SHIFT G, whoops

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found the name, thanks

okay, I got a little grey box, but that's it. The previous and next buttons have a refresh rate of 100,000s, which means they aren't appearing?

also, UUIDs change when the preset is shared, so could you tell me what the two UUIDs in the music script are for so I can change them to the correct one for me pls?

Yikes, I was hoping they wouldn't change. The next a previous buttons are manually refreshed by the main script to make sure everything changes colors at the same time.

The script in the "player" widget has two lines that look like this:
refresh_widget "some uuid"
refresh_widget "some uuid"

copy the uuid's from the next and previous widget and replace them, so it should look like:
refresh_widget "prev button's uuid"
refresh_widget "next button's uuid"

I was wrong, they didn't change! but the touchbar is now blank...