Clipboard/pasteboard history problem with other apps modifying clipboard

It seems that clipboard/pasteboard history manager doesn't react to clipboard changes caused by other apps. For example Keyboard Maestro. So even if clipboard content was changed by other app, pasteboard history manager doesn't notce this. I think that when activated, pasteboard history manager should check if clipboard content was changed and then update used content.

BTT checks the clipboard content on certain events like cmd+c but also every 1.4 seconds.
You can test this e.g. using this terminal command which will put "this is a test" into the clipboard: echo "this is a test" | pbcopy. BTT should pick that up.

BTT doesn't check more often for performance reasons (there is no way to be notified about clipboard changes), but maybe I can add an option to make it check more often for special use cases.

The problem is that when using Keyboard Maestro it doesn't work. I have macro changing underscores to dashes. After few seconds pasting clipboard shows modified value, but clipboard manager in BTT shows old one and using "paste as plain text" pastes old one too.

Maybe KM somehow changes the pasteboard without increasing the change count :-/
Not sure whether this will be fixable, but I'll have a look.

Hallo @Andreas_Hegenberg Andreas. Zunächst ein dickes Lob an dieser Stelle von mir, ich liebe BTT. PS, wohne auch in München, wie nett :slight_smile:

Ich bin über selbiges Problem gestolpert wie PLBTTUser, da ich auch Keyboard Maestro verwende. Die Änderungen aus KM an der Zwischenablage werden von BTT nicht erkannt. Ich habe es so gelöst, dass ich die Funktion in den Einstellungen von BTT aktiviert habe, dass auch Änderungen anderer Apps abgegriffen werden. Das funktioniert nun und löst mein Problem. Das schafft aber leider ein neues Problem: Jetzt werden auch Passwörter aus 1Password in die Zwischenablage gelegt.

Daher meine Frage: Gibt es zu dem Problem hier schon eine Lösung? Falls nicht, dann hier
... mein Wunsch:
Könntest Du im Zwischenablagemanger einbauen, dass die Überwachung bestimmter Apps deaktiviert werden kann. Die Apps sollte man sich dann als User aussuchen können.

Und hier nochmals in der Foren-Sprache:

Hello, Andreas. First a big praise from me, I love BTT. PS, also live in Munich, how nice :slight_smile:

I stumbled across the same problem as PLBTTUser, because I also use Keyboard Maestro. The changes from KM on the clipboard are not recognized by BTT. I solved it in a way that I activated the function in the settings of BTT so that changes of other apps are also picked up. This works now and solves my problem. But unfortunately this creates a new problem: Now passwords from 1Password are put into the clipboard.

Therefore my question: Is there already a solution to this problem? If not, then here
... my wish:
Could you install in the clipboard manager that the monitoring of certain apps can be disabled. You should then be able to choose the apps as a user.