Clipboard-manager not working with Excel

I have not tried the alpha, but restarted BTT at least a few times, but issue is still there.

If the clipboard manager is active and I'm copying something in Excel, the Excel application will not be responsive for a few seconds. This is not happening in any other application. As well, Excel is working fine again if I stop BTT.

macOS 10.15.7
Excel 16.43
BTT 3.505

In the clipboard manager settings, make sure this is UNchecked:


If that doesn't help you can disable the clipboard manager for Excel

Where do I find that manager. Only in Touch bar?

No you can assign the "Show Clipboard Manager" action to any trigger (e.g. keyboard shortcut) in BTT.

Thanks. That solved one of my questions. Now only one missing - How to make the slider Icon in volume Widget small er :slight_smile:

Thanks Andreas, unchecking "Disabling MS Office ..." has not helped, so I disabled the clipboard manager for Excel. This helped, but of course is then not any more able to use the functionality.