Clipboard Manager Enhancements (Remove Passwords, Search Syntax, Search Within Images, Etc.)


As topic, I think it would be great to have some enhancements for the Clipboard Manager, as it's a great utility already built into BetterTouchTool and would only make it better.

I don't mean for it to get bloated and fully-fledged as other Clipboard Managers (PastePal, Paste, etc.), but some basic stuff would really improve it's usage

Here is my proposed ranking:

  1. The scripting capabilities Andreas mentioned, in order to automatically remove passwords copied to the clipboard (e.g. remove last entry when a blank value is copied – typical behavior of Password Managers)

  2. Basic filtering of apps from where the capture was made. The Clipboard Manager already show the icons of the apps, so it's storing that information along with the clip somewhere, but AFAIK, there's no way to filter for those specific apps. This is a typical and basic use case in pretty much all of the other Clipboard Managers. Let's say I need to recall a text I've copied from Microsoft Teams, I would search for app: teams and the window would filter all the captures it knows it got from Teams! From there, you can go as crazy as you want adding different filter parameters like date, type of content, etc., but I think the App filtering is the most important one there

  3. Search content within captured images. Other Clipboard Managers allow this (e.g. PastePal) so, for example, when you take a screenshot, BetterTouchTool would OCR it and store the contents along with the image. Then, when you make a search on the Clipboard Manager window, those images would appear; if matched!

These are some of the ideas that came to mind lately, but the sky is the limit! What would be actually extremely useful and important for me is being able to clear the passwords and filtering the apps on search; I would be as happy as can be :smiley: