Clipboard manager: convert URL to QR code

Is it possible to convert URL in Clipboard manager to QR code?
Can BTT provides such feature?

This could help

Thanks Caliguvara. The experience is not good due to reasons below:

  1. I have to define a trigger like a shortcut to run this AppleScript.
  2. I can only convert the URL which is the last item in the clipboard to QR code.
  3. I have to open Keynotes first before running this script to show the QR code.

Is there a way that I can define a button in Clipboard manager screen so that I can show BTT clipboard manager screen, then I select a URL in the clipboard list and click on the button which would convert it to QR code image on the screen. I can download it to a picture?

You can use something like this:

This is the script:

async (clipboardContentString) => {
   let qrCodeURL =  ""+encodeURIComponent(clipboardContentString);

let shellScript = `open "${qrCodeURL}"`;

let shellScriptWrapper = {
    script: shellScript, // mandatory
    launchPath: '/bin/bash', //optional - default is /bin/bash
    parameters: '-c', // optional - default is -c
    environmentVariables: '' //optional e.g. VAR1=/test/;VAR2=/test2/;

let result = await runShellScript(shellScriptWrapper);
return qrCodeURL;

It will use the API to create a qrcode and directly open the website.

It will show up in the clipboard manager as a separate button:

Thanks Andreas. It looks much better and can meet my requirement.