Clipboard history only showing after opening settings

I got a weird bug which causes the clipborad history not to show for some weeks now. After logging in the clipboard history won't show up. I need to open the configuration window of BTT and only then the clipboard history window will work normally.

That's weird, which BTT version and macOS version are you using?

Sorry totally forgot to mention that :see_no_evil: BTT is on 3.346 Mac OS is on 10.15.4. Had the issue for a few weeks now though

Possibly try the latest alpha as I have been reworking big parts of the clipboard manager lately.

Is BTT started? (i.e. does the icon show up in the menubar?)

Sorry for the delay. Yes I installed the new version with the updated functionality of the clipboard manager (awesome feature!! Thanks for that!!) but the problem still persists. BTT autostarts after logging in and everything works fine except for the clipboard manager.


I think I'm seeing something similar right now. I'm using 3.389 on OSX 10.15.5. When I try to open the clipboard history via a trigger (as implemented via Simply: A modest touch bar preset) then I get a blank clipboard history, even though I definitely have been copying things while BTT is open. BTT is definitely open and running-- the Touch Bar portion works besides for the clipboard history. I also don't see the "disable clipboard manager" entry in the menu, which is shown in your screenshots here: How can I disable Clipboard/Pasteboard history for specific apps?

Am I missing something that I have to enable the clipboard manager? I've done a lot of googling and reading over all the documentation, and can't really see what I'm missing...


I have the same bug. Seems to be quite random but frequent.