Cliboard Manager - Paste++ - an Action that Steps Through the Clipboard

I would like a Clipboard Manager Action that until reset, will Paste the next entry in the Clipboard Manager. Kind-of-link popping the stack.

For this discussion, I'll call it Paste++

A reset would be doing a normal Copy (Command-C) or a normal Paste (Command-V), or some other Clipboard Manager Action, including maybe a specific Clipboard Manager Paste++ reset.

The idea is that I Copy a bunch of items in the Clipboard, and then to Paste them into a document, I just repeatedly use the BetterTouchTool trigger I associate with the Paste++ action.

Thank you for considering the idea.

This is what I call Sequential Paste from a queue. Very useful!

I have to use another tool to do this right now, but I'd prefer using BTT.

One important feature is to be able to see the queue while you paste to see what the next pasted thing will be.

A shortcut to enable/disable the sequential mode (or paste++ as you call it) would also be useful.