CleanMyMac CPU temp/load and Ram available

as highlighted in the screenshot, that highlighted information can be transferred to the touch-bar?
if yes could you please help to do it?

checkout GoldenChaos's BetterTouchTool Preset. It has cpu information, and memory information. however, there is no "Free memory" button, as that apparently barely does anything useful. Hope you enjoy GC's BTT Preset!


sudo purge

work for you?

Within a tool group I made. I use a tool bar that executes a shell script:

top -l 1 | grep ^PhysMem

That reports (as I write this):

PhysMem: 15G used (2582M wired), 992M unused.

(I would love to show that over two lines or shorten it; tips?)

And pressing that tool runs:

open /Applications/
[Delay next action by 3.00 seconds]
[Type text]sudo purge

Seems to offer relief.

thanks Sudo purge is working...

and could you please share script to get cleanMymac cpu temp/load

@GoldenChaos implemented the stats features from some other guy (I forgot who that person is) however, @Andreas_Hegenberg says:

could you please help me to transfer cpu information from cleanmymac ?:pray: