Classic web view links broken?

Hi, I just upgraded from version 4.465 to the latest version and now my classic webview (not floating menu) no longer works. It has buttons with links to Keyboard Meastro and Alfred using their URL schemes. With the latest versions clicking on the buttons does nothing anymore. I tracked the changed behaviour down to version 4.540-45400. Before that version everything works. Maybe a bug, or do I have to make a change somewhere?
Thank you.

Oh I think it's possible you need to whitelist the URL schemes that shall allow to be opened by system / other apps here:

Try to enter whatever the url scheme for KM is (if it's km://, enter km

Thank you for your swift reply.

Yes, I did that. I have the prefixes in there, just as you describe, separated by a comma (kmtrigger,alfred,x-devonthink-item). I load the webview from a local webserver. No shared secret. Tested on Ventura and Sonoma.

I have to stress that this has always worked nicely up to the release before 4.540-45400.
In versions 4.540-45400 and following it stopped working.

This was in the classic webview.
I now also tested adding the same webview to a floating menu in the last release, added the prefixes and it shows the same problem. Nothing happens when I push the buttons.
It seems the urls are not passed to the browser although they are in the menu configuration (I put the prefixes in both the classic webview configuration and in the floatingmenu/webview configuration).

I also tried loading the html from a local folder, but that made no difference.

Weird, I'll have a look.

I tested yesterday with just a simple link to open the App Store, but that worked fine here (after adding it to the url schemes)

<a href="macappstore://">test</a>

This is the html of my web button (from a dashboard made in Quick 'n Easy web builder):

<input type="button" id="Button2" onclick="window.location.href='kmtrigger://macro=47F364BE-099E-4CE7-B397-9549808EAB4A';return false;" name="" value="KM clipboard" style="position:absolute;left:16px;top:50px;width:97px;height:26px;z-index:1;">

ahhh I see. You are changing the window location directly and not using a link.
For a recent bug I changed the url scheme handling specifically to links but I see that this is also a valid use case. I'll fix it!

Thank you!!