Circular Scorlling implement in BTT

in KDE plasma,after install synapatics driver,(sudo apt install xserver-xorg-input-synaptics), touchpad can use circular scrolling,this is an old technique, but after get used, I found Its more convenient than two finger scroll ,becausae you only use 1 finger to scroll, its more ergonomic for finger and effort-saving, and as the finger is near the center, the scroll speed is fater, Hope the bettertouchtool support this feature.

sorry, this is something I most likely won't implement. It is hard to do without interfering with the standard driver, and I really like the default scrolling. I understand that it can be useful for some people, but it would be too much effort for me to get right.

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thanks for reply, its a bit odd to get used to it at beginning, but can continously scrolling using one figer without move out of trackpad, maybe hold a key then scroll will be better..

simillar solution:
(this repo looks not work in current macos)