Change the app of app specific hotkeys

It would be great to be able to change the app of a app specific group. The use case is especially clear when dealing with Adobe apps as they regularly rename their apps according to the current year. So one year it's "Adobe Photoshop 2023" and then it's "Adobe Photoshop 2024" which renders all hotkeys useless as the app name is not the same anymore. So I have to go in create a new folder for the 24 version and copy all hotkeys. I know, this is a super small inconvenience but maybe this is not too much of a hassle to add :blush:

for such apps, best use a conditional activation group, there you can easily change the included apps.

Alternatively copy the app to your clipboard (cmd+c) and edit the resulting JSON in a text editor.
Maybe I can add an easier way to achieve this.