Change Focus Windows across different workspaces with BTT possible ?

Apple allows me to change focus in the same Workspace(Desktop) using cmd ~. But this only limits to the same workspace.

But can you change focus across different workspaces?

e.g: I have Safari on Workspace 1 (1 window on Spotify, 1 window on Google) and Workspace 3(1 window on, 1 window on youtube). I can only use cmd ~ to change the focus only when I am on Workspace 1. In order to get get to the other safari window( window), I first need to move to Workspace 3 and cmd ~.

Are there any way I can just hit cmd ~ 3 times and get to my other window on a different workspace?

Thank you

You could assign the "Show Window Switcher For Current App" action to some shortcut. That will then show all windows of that application across workspaces and allow you to switch to them. I think this action can be configured to work like you need it.

Sadly "Show Window Switcher For Active App" only show the Window on the same Workspace/Desktop. It does not show Window on the different Workspace. "Show Window Switcher For Active App" works just like Apple cmd ~

ah which version of macOS are you using? I reworked the window switcher completely for macOS >= 13, on older versions there is no way to achieve this unfortunately

Thank you for the response. I use 12.7 Montery. If this feature works on 13, I will definitely upgrade. Just curiosity, the window switcher doesn't work on older macOS is because of the Stage Manager feature from macOS 13 and newer?

no, it’s because the new feature is implemented in SwiftUI and on macOS 12 that was lacking several features ;-(

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Thank you, after upgrading to macOS 13, I was able to do cmd ~. :smiling_face:

What is the small menu on the left called? And is there any way to customize the small menu ?

It doesn't have a name :wink:
Right now you can only customize the shortcuts provided in the menu or you can disable it completely - more customization is not yet possible.