Chain actions with one trigger

Hi. I've loved BTT for years and am trying to help my friend get into it but he has a question for me that I can't answer as I've never used it for such an "advanced" use.

What we're trying to do is, with a single trigger, have the following result:
New Safari Window, Snap the window to the side, go to web address, new tab, go to web address, then open another safari window, snap that one to the left side, and open two more web addresses in tabs.

We've gotten it pretty close but it isn't perfect. It is almost like its trying to do the things too quickly or something, for one. For the other, it doesn't seem to be opening new windows-it is opening tabs on an existing browser.

Is this sort of thing to create an automated "workspace" possible using a single input?

Playing with it more it seems like it is doing all of the actions at once, not doing each action step by step. Is there a way to ensure it is being done in series rather than in parallel?

You can add a "delay next action"-action between your steps, 0.1 seconds should do the trick.

Sweet!!! Thanks!! I think that did it. I will keep plugging away but so far so good.

Is 0.1 the min delay to make sure it works right?

late reply and you prob don't need this but im bored... yes 0.1 is the smallest number. with your amount of actions, it'll take a few seconds for your script to complete