Cant´t use the "R" type on keyboard when BST is running

when BST is running and I press the "R" Button on my keyboard nothing will happen. As soon as I quit BST the "R" Button will work fine. Delete and reinstall BST doesn't help

You probably have configured the R key as a shortcut in the BetterSnapTool keyboard shortcut tab.

Yes, but I have delete it several times. Actually there is no shortcut configured

Mh, BST can only block keyboard input if something is configured either here:

Or alternatively if you have assigned a keyboard shortcut to a custom snap area.

To delete custom snap areas delete this folder: ~/Library/Application Support/BetterSnapTool (go to that folder using Finder => Go => Go to folder, then enter that path including the ~)

The problem is fixed. There was a snap area that overlay another snap area and so I didn't see it. And this area has the shortcut configured. I delete it and now everything will be fine. Thank you

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