Can't repeat assigned action

Repeat assigned action over menubar doesn't work if the gesture is also used "NOT over menubar"

Use case: I want to use two finger swipe left/right over menubar to control brightness with my Magic Mouse. I use "repeat assigned action" so that brightness keeps changing as long as my fingers touch the mouse. If I keep the default MacOS 2 finger swipe (moves between spaces), it switches spaces along with changing brightness. I tried to disable this default gesture and assign "move left/right a space" to 2 finger swipe outside of menubar but now brightness change is one step without repeating the action.

Am I missing something? How can I use same gesture with and without repetition over and outside menubar?

MacBook Pro 16' 2021

Ventura 13.2

BTT 3.9999 beta

But this was the issue on earlier BTT and MacOs versions.