Can't "HUD Overlay" with "Use Apple Default"

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I want HUD Overlay when i try copy (command + c).
That's why set "Use Apple Default Or Do Nothing" and then "HUD Overlay", but not working.
Can "HUD Overlay" with other action.
But can not "HUD Overlay" with "Use Apple Default Or Do Nothing"

Device information:

Type of Mac: Macbook Pro 15 mid 2015
macOS version: Mojave (10.14.6)
BetterTouchTool version: 3.362
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I have the same issue in v3.553. I'd like to display HUD overlays for some key combinations and trigger the same keys. Unfortunately, nothing I tried worked.

  1. If I set HUD overlay on a keyboard trigger and set it to do "Use Apple Default Or Do Nothing", overlay is not displayed and the key is triggered.
  2. If I add two actions: "Use Apple Default Or Do Nothing" and "Show HUD Overlay", only the first one is triggered and the second one is ignored.

Both of these use cases seem like a bug to me.