Cant get Stats on the Touch Bar (From any presets)


So ive tried a few presets that have built in stats, but I can seem to get any of them to work, The actually presets work, except the system stats portion of the presets.

Tried minimalistic, Chaos, and Aqua (game mode).. I have iStats installed, but from here I'm not sure where to go.

Thank you

Do you get the information when you ask for them in the terminal?
Do you get them when you just run the Apple script inside BTT settings?
Asking in order to know wether iStats doesn't give you the information, or Wether BTT doesn't transmit them correctly.

I haven't tried the terminal commands for istats.

Okay just tried it - Terminal is saying command not found when typing "istats all" or any related command,

I installed using the "sudu ruby install iStats" command and it seemed to work fine. And the iStats folder is in my Ruby folder in Library.

Am I missing something?

Thank you for your help!

I figured it out just incase anyone needs help with this in the future..

The ruby version needed to run iStats is an older version that was updated. In order to get the right ruby version (won't override the current version) you need to run command

"xcode-select --install" in terminal without quotations.


"sudo gem install iStats"

this will get the stats monitors working in the Touch Bar with all these presets, or make your own Touch Bar monitor.

Good Day.


Thanks for giving this feedback even if you worked it out by yourself! It's always nice to see solutions of problems shared :+1:t3: