Can't get started with iOs BTT App.

Is there an FAQ someplace that will help me troubleshoot getting started?

I am having difficulty getting my iPad app to connect to BTT on my Mac (MacOs 10.14.1, iOS 13.61.) I’ve purchased the full version iPad app.

I’ve followed all the instructions. My mac isn’t showing up on the iPad app.

I’ve tried manually, but I am not sure which port I should use?

Never mind. I had to look in the legacy UI to find the port for manual connection.

Weird, it should show up.
Do you maybe have a firewall installed that could block BTT? Is BTT Remote enabled?

The settings are also available in the new UI:

There is a lot of info in the UI. As a beginner, I was overwhelmed and was having difficulty locating things--and a little bit frustrated. All is fine now.

Maybe a FAQ for complete beginners might save you some trouble?

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Definitely, the next version of BTT Remote will make things easier for new users (but still needs a while to be released)

Great. It looks like a good and fully featured tool. Looking forward to exploring. Thanks.