Can't find variable

Hello btt
i am trying to make a slider widget but every time I use the slider the web console says can't find variable "value" and I don't get why, so I am wondering if some of you can spot the error :slight_smile:
here is some pictures of my code and the error


do JavaScript ""

is passing the "" as a string. Value in this case can not be replaced by the real value you have calculated in the line before.
Instead you would have to construct a string that contains the actual value you have calculated (see )

I'm not sure about the playerSessionId. Maybe that has been defined on the webpage already, in that case remove the "const"

hello again

thanks for the help, I have now made it into a string that works but every time I try to slide on the slider it sends the video back to the beginning. do you have any solution to why that is happing?

solution for this can be found here: Slider widget sets video to end :slight_smile: