Can't delete App `test` from BTT.

BTT version: 3.508
macOS version: 11.01


In screenshot you see there is app test with question mark. If I try to delete it, nothing happens. If I try to delete it by right clicking on it and then pressing delete the app crashes.

Can't send full log, too many characters. I did report it though. Can send it by email too if you haven't received it.

Same here:

BTT version: 3.502
macOS version: 11.01


"BTTAppBundleIdentifier" : "test",
"BTTAppName" : "test",
"BTTAppAutoInvertIcon" : 1,
"BTTTriggers" : [



This should be fixed in 3.526 alpha (sorry this took so long - it was a bit hard to track down)