Can't choose 3 keys in custom trigger shortcut

I'm trying to make a TipTap Left (1 Finger Fix) shortcut to change to previous tab in chrome, the shortcut is control+shift+left. The issue I've found is BetterTouchTool doesn't admit 3 keys for this shortcut. It basically cuts off when I hold control+shift, doesn't let me add the left key. Thanks in advance. By the way, really awesome forum you've got going on :grinning:

Never mind , it's not a bug. I just found out keyboard shortcuts can be a combination of any amount of modifier keys (cmd, ctrl, etc.) and one normal key. Tab is not a modifier key so that's why it cuts off. I found a workaround by changing the shortcut in chrome itself, so now it's control+shift+left (two modifier keys and one normal key). Works great :grinning: