Cannot see shortcuts' shortcuts in BTT

I am trying to define a button on my Touch Bar to trigger a shortcut command but I cannot see my shortcuts when I click on the dropdown menu. What am I doing wrong?

Which version of macOS are you running? Shortcuts integration only works with macOS Monterey 12.0.1 or higher (12.0 doesn't work due to bugs in the Shortcuts app)

I'm on public release.

12.0 or 12.0.1? (both are public releases)

12.0.1 (build 21A559)

Did macOS ask you to allow BTT access to Shortcuts? If you accidentally declined this, you can allow access in System preferences => Security & Privacy => Privacy => Automation:

(Needs BTT restart after enabling it)

I gave all the permission BTT asked me on the first run. I don't see any options to add accessibility, should I reinstall BTT or is there an option in BTT preferences to re-request permissions? (I couldn't find one after a quick look)

macOS should automatically ask again when BTT is accessing the Shortcuts.

Could you check whether the "Shortcuts Events" process is running in activity monitor? There was a bug in previous releases of Monterey where this process sometimes was missing, but I thought they fixed this:

(need to show "all processes")

Nope, that explains it. I also restarted the Mac meanwhile so the process has been missing before and after the restart.

Very weird.
Can you try whether opening it manually fixes this? (Using this terminal command:

open "/System/Applications/"

If so, I could do that automatically when launching BTT until Apple really fixes this.

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done! Manually opened it and immediately BTT requested permission (BTT crashed right after, not sure if it was intended) and now I can see my shortcuts in BTT! thank you so much!

P.S. I'm on Intel, if it's of any help, I can run it on my M1 and see if I have the same issue :slight_smile:

I have tested on both (Intel & M1), the Shortcuts Events should be there regardless of the architecture - but it still seems to be buggy. I'll add a check to BTT which makes sure that the process is running :slight_smile:

Thanks for testing!

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Thank you for creating the best, most useful Mac app ever!

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