Cannot create Esc key shortcuts

Hi. I am trying to map keys like Ctrl+Left to Esc+b but the BTT UI is not letting me assign shortcuts with the Escape key because it closes the key listener when I press Escape. Is there a workaround for this? Perhaps I can manually enter the text? Thanks.

shortcuts on macOS can consist of modifier keys and exactly one normal key. Esc+b would be two normal keys, which is not supported on macOS. You can send esc and b separately one by one in an action sequence.

I see, thanks. I wasn't aware of the internals. Perhaps unrelated but it makes me think how do some apps support Esc+b for "previous word" and Esc+e for next word... Thank you!

on an app level the app can do whatever it wants with keyboard input, it's just that this is then not a shortcut but just a sequence of keys :slight_smile: (which behaves in slightly different ways)

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To use esc+b like a “normal” shortcut, I could imagine this setup.

Shortcut: esc does nothing (no action)

Key Sequence: esc (down/up) in 0.2s = esc

Key Sequence: esc (down) pressed and held > 0.2 s, block kb and

CAG / Key Sequence: “b”, if keyboard is blocked, then “Action”. Activate keyboard again after "Action".