Cannot add BetterTouchTool to Privacy/Accessibility (MacOS 10.14.5)

After upgrading to MacOS 10.14.5 BetterTouchTool was removed from the SystemPreferences/Security & Privacy/Privacy/Accessability list of allowable apps to control my laptop. For some reason I also cannot add BetterTouchTool back to this list even after clicking the lock icon and providing my credentials.

NOTE: BetterTouchTool is not the only app that this has occurred to on my laptop after upgrading leading me to believe that Apple has either introduced a bug or tightened its security that may need a change from BetterTouchTool. Can you please investigate & comment...

Computer: Macbook Pro 2015
MacOS: 10.14.5
BetterTouchTool: 2.856

FYI... a reboot of the system (which has been done several times before) fixed the issue and all the old entries in the SystemPreferences/Security & Privacy/Privacy/Accessability list reappeared including BetterTouchTool with its check-mark. Therefore I did not need to manually re-enable this app and it just automatically started working again after the reboot. Go figure...