Cannot access settings nor see icon in menu bar.

After many years decided to try Magnet but have switched back to BST. After redownloading, I cannot view Settings or icon in menu bar. Dragging windows to resize does not work. Have set app to open on log in and is turned on in Priv & Sec/Accessibility. Magnet deleted. Running 13.1. Thank you for any suggestions you can provide.

maybe you have hidden the menubar icon in the past? In that case you can open the prefs by opening BetterSnapTool again while it's already running.

Yes I did hide icon previously but cannot open prefs by re-opening. I'm assuming it's running as it's open.

can you see it in Activity Monitor?

I'd suggest to quit it there, then run this terminal command to reset the settings:

defaults delete com.hegenberg.BetterSnapTool

(or directly run killall BetterSnapTool && defaults delete com.hegenberg.BetterSnapTool )

Did not see in Activity Monitor. Tried to reopen which it did. Now getting icon and can access prefs. Did not enter any terminal commands. Everything seems to be good. Thanks for your help.