Can you prioritize a particlar window when running "Find image on screen"?

My "find image on screen" is searching for a specific button on screen—I run the trigger and my macro moves the mouse to that button and auto clicks it for me. Everything works great! But if I have two windows of the same program open, each covering half the display, the same button is "on the screen" twice and BTT seems to preference going to only one of those windows. Is there a way to set this up to only search the active window?

An easy example—I set a keyboard shortcut which finds the "close window" image and moves the mouse over to click it. Works fine with one window open. But if two windows are open at once and both equally visible, how can I set BTT to only search for that image within the active window?

I see "Search image on:" and then a dropdown menu of options, but none of them seem to affect the behavior, I guess that's for moniter mirroring setups?