Can we use BTT to create a `lead` key like in SpaceLauncher

hi all

I came across this nifty tool today called spacelauncher:

there I can use the space key as a leader key (ala vim) and long press space+key to execute commands, ie

Spacebar S -> launch Safari
Spacebar N -> launch Notes
Spacebar G -> open a website

can I mimic this using but , ie while space is long pressed bring up a conflict palette or chain another key ?

thx a lot!


Did you notice that with SpaceLauncher "space" is typed when the key is released? Unfortunately, if you write fast, this always leads to problems. :man_shrugging:

If you still want this, you can activate another preset with space (long press and hold). When you release space, this preset is deactivated again.

In this preset you have to set up your actions, eg "s" = launch Safari.

So, space + s = launch Safari.

I have not tested this, but it works in my head :wink: