Can not create Sub Groups

I've got a problem with creating subgroups. For example, I create a group in All App, then I want to have a subgroup inside that group. It appears, but I can not enter that to add triggers. When I double click on that I get the list of triggers and if I select anyone then group changes from group to that trigger.

What am I doing wrong?

BTT currently doesn’t support subgroups, but you can use workarounds like described here:

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Thank you for quick reply! I found a kind of decision, I can create any q'ty of groups on Level0 and then I can put them inside any group on Level0 and triggers inside moved groups work. But bcoz I can not get inside those groups after moving them, I can not edit the triggers inside them.
Anyhow, could be interesting feature)


from these recent replies I think the old UI is still allowing groups to be dragged into another group. Might want to look into it to avoid confusing users