Can I Use BTT Make Default Touchhbar require Command key

Sorry if this is documented elsewhere but I'm a newbie to BTT and I'm having trouble trying to accomplish this....

Just got a new MacBook Pro and Touch Bar is driving me crazy. Is there a simple way to set all Apple default keys to require the Command key to activate? In other words, if I brush against the ESC key nothing happens but if I hold Command key while touching ESC key I get an escape key as intended. Same question for brightness up/down and Mission Control Key.

  • 1 for this. I find even when i replace the ESC key with a BTT key after hitting the BTT key the ESC key appears and go back to accidentally swiping ESC - driven me nuts for two years now!

I had BTT set up at one point where it seemed to not do this but a fresh install and the returning ESC key is a back.

This solution would be ideal as of course the ESC key is occasionally useful!

You can disable the macOS Control Strip in the BTT Touch Bar settings, then there also won't be a esc button.
You can then use any other trigger to toggle between BTT and system using the predefined action Toggle BettertTouchTool Touch Bar.