Can BTT turn a magic trackpad into a jog wheel?

I haven't tried BTT before and I own a keyboard that has a built in jog wheel similar to this one.

I plan to retire the keyboard but I'm looking to see if I can get the functionality of a jog wheel using the Magic Trackpad and BTT.

Is this possible? Has anyone tried it?

If you're looking to be able to move your finger in a circle at varying speeds and have the program get an event that includes how quickly you're moving your finger, then I think the answer is "no". BTT understands gestures, but those are more along the lines of "move X number of fingers in a particular pattern". Velocity isn't really part of it.

I think this is what I'm looking for. I was trying to figure it out myself with the left/right & up/down swipes but not quite getting it obviously. It seems like it would be possible just looking at the live view in BTT, but I'm sure it would be challenging to code.

Yes. Perhaps this is a new venture in software that someone will figure out one day. Even the iPhone or iPad could have a jog wheel controller interface that acts as a physical device.

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@andybyte I believe this would be possible to set up using the 'Drawings / Mouse Gestures' feature would it not?

Or is the velocity of the jogwheel gesture a major required component of your use case?