Can BTT move windows this way?

I’m using a 2022 Mac Studio M1 Max with Monterey (possibly Ventura soon). I have a common and pesky bug where windows’ sizes and locations aren’t saved after the computer’s screen has been locked, it has been sleeping, started its screensaver, or the 55” tv I use as a monitor is turned off. This happens in all apps. This is actually a long standing Mac bug, with lots people experiencing it, but with no solutions from Apple.

Specifically what happens is, when I get back to my desktop, I find my windows have been scrunched down to about 25% of their normal size, and moved into the lower left corner. For a browser window, for instance, I usually keep windows flush to the top, filling about 80% of the y axis, and centered on the x axis.

What I’m looking for in an app is to take one of these windows and once I’ve made it the front most window, use a custom keystroke to resize and and move it to coordinates I’ve specified for that preset.

Can BTT do this?