Can BTT disable Option Command drag?

In Photoshop, you can easily adjust a brush's size and feathering by holding down Control and Option as you drag the pen across the tablet.

Unfortunately, when you accidentally press option-command while dragging, it duplicates the active layer and move this copy. (For the kind of work I do in Photoshop, I don't ever need to move a layer by dragging.) When this happens it really breaks my flow.

Is there a way I can use BTT to:

  • Do nothing when I make this mistake
  • Or even better, have option-command send control-command Photoshop so the brush adjustments work with either pair of modifiers?

P.S. I started by asking in the Adobe forum, and although there are a number of complaints about this issue, there appears to be nothing you can set in Photoshop to disable its default command-drag to move a layer (along with the option-command-drag that copies and moves a layer).

I then tried the Keyboard Maestro forum, and there seems to be no way to address this with that software. Perhaps BTT has some other mojo that can help?

Probably you could rebind opt+cmd+leftclick in the "normal mouse" section of BTT like this to basically do nothing:

(I assigned the "show HUD overlay" action just to check it triggers correctly). Remapping to ctrl+cmd could be tricky but I assume it would somehow be possibly by combining a few actions in BTT. I'll give it a try tomorrow.

That worked perfectly! In fact, I used your "show HUD overlay," so that it says "Accidental option command drag!" when I make this mistake.

It would be even better if it played a little system error message sound, but it seems that's one thing BTT can't do.

Thanks for your help!