Can BTT be used to run an App action on schedule?

I would like to have Outlook export some data every night (on a schedule). Is BTT a good way to schedule some clicks on the Outlook UI that would make it happen?

Even though you could probably get a functioning result I'd rather try the macOS App Automator (can be found in the utilities folder) for this.

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Does the Automator require the application to expose the functionality to scripting? I'm not sure if Outlook application makes the export function available. Is there a way to check? Or can Automator be used to simply mimic dropdown window choices/mouse clicks?

With Applescript for sure (Automator running an Applescript at a given time). But I'm not familiar enough with Outlook in order to help you here :man_shrugging:t4:
You could, if you want tu use BTT, save the click actions etc in BTT and then use the Applescript command

tell application "BetterTouchTool"
execute_assigned_actions_for_trigger YOUR_TRIGGER_HERE
end tell

to make BTT do what you want to in Outlook. Could be a hack to achieve what you want.

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Aha! How does one save specific click actions in BTT - and does it matter what windows are active at the time that this runs or where everything is on the desktop - do the click actions get saved as specific coordinates on the screen, or is it more intelligent and it saves the name of the application that was clicked, no matter where in the Dock it is at the time?