Caliguvara - another approach to Touch Bar Presets


Hello together!
In some discussions I recently had with members of this forum, I realised I had a different approach to the Touch Bar than many here.
So let me share this.

First of all: I see the Touch Bar as a keyboard extension, not as a second screen. My Preset will mostly show you buttons, and you'll always be able to trigger an action when you touch something you see. Some actions even have triggers, so if you push them for a longer moment, they do something else. As an example, the Safari icon can launch Safari, and if you press&hold it you get a preview of your currently open tabs. Select one of them, and safari will open up with this tab. Also, the scripts I use run mostly (mostly) only when they are shown - thanks to the fact that they are often own groups.
Also, my preset replaces the actual Touch Bar. You'll be able to switch between Apple's Touch Bar and this preset with a two finger force touch on your trackpad - at any time. To open the BetterTouchTool settings (the icon is not shown in the menu bar on the screen) just press and hold the System Actions icon (second from the right - will be there all the time). A Force Touch on the top left corner of the trackpad will restart BTT.

My Touch Bar is thought with the idea to always have a static "Dock" sticking to the right, that shows whatever happens. It gives you access to groups of ① the music or media player you currently use, ② your next calendar and reminder events, ③ some basic settings/System actions, as well as ④ an App Switcher (which, if used with ⌥ allows you to quit the apps you tap).

This is what the Basic TouchBar looks like.

As you see, on the right the groups mentioned above. Let's open up each of them.

① Media Control

The AirPods Widget on the left connects your AirPods and shows they current battery state. Find more information on how to set it up here. It's actually super easy.
Followed you have some scripts I got in collaboration from @yyuuiko or actually copied from his great AQT Preset. Yeah, shame on me… Check the BTT prefs to see how to set a song on pause, how to share it (this might not work for now), etc. If you use youtube or any safari video, QT/IINA, the iTunes script widget (because this is not the original BTT Widget, in order to give special actions for tapping the cover or the text) will disappear, and show you the title of what you're listening to.
Note Bene: press&hold the play/pause icon to bring up iTunes at any time.

② Calendar/Reminder

In red, the events of today. If you click them, you'll get more events, the next 10 actually.
You have a pretty useless full time view, as well as a weather forecast. I need to know if the car will be wet…

③ System Actions

Basic stuff here. On the left, a super efficient language shell script @nikivi was asking for, showing you your current Spelling according to what you set in System Settings → Keyboard → Text. A big thanks to the forum who basically wrote this stuff for me! If you tap it, another group will open, letting you select any other language of your choice. Attention, you'll have to add yours. Find the How to guide at the end of this description.
The wifi icons actually just pings - and allows you to check if your wifi has also an internet connection. If it fails, the button turns red. The window icon gives you access to the window resizing options from bettertouchtool.

④ App Switcher

④ App Switcher (With ⌥ when you opened the group)

The left main strip is actually super personalised. The idea is that you can just put your most needed stuff here, apps, files, websites,… Mail will have a reddish background and show you the amount of unread mails on it's right if you have some. Same for messages.
The DuckDuckGo Icon will bring up a DuckDuckGo Launcher Floating WebView @CJK wrote for me. This bugs sometimes for any reason, so I added an (by default inactivated) launcher for Haste.

See that little black finder on the left side of the group? It sticks to the right too. For some applications (Finder, IINA, QT, BTT, Preview, Keynote, OneNote, Reminders,…) I entered special triggers. These are meant to not to interfere with your Global strip, that's why they are in this kind of groups. You'll wind a template group in the general option, so if you have an app you want to use special triggers for, just copy the folder to app-specific actions and you add inside whatever you want! Here's what the finder looks like.

You find the possibility of triggering the right clicks for cleaning up your desktop, using stacks (macOS Mojave only), showing the Library and hidden files, as well as the sharing options for a selected file.
Enpass is a cheat, as it will just permanently show you two options, one two lock your Vault, one to Unlock it with TouchID - it simulates mouse actions for this.

Of course we have a gaming mode!

Beyond this, I added some trackpad actions to see Mission Control, enter Fullscreen, Lookup the word under the curser, etc.
In order to make them work perfectly (on the right) I invite you to set your Trackpad settings to the ones shown on the left. Or to adjust my triggers :wink:

So here we are. My little preset. Once again, a big thank you @yyuuiko who helped me fixing parts, and made others run!
In order to make the gaming mode work, you'll have to install this iStats file from Github.
In order to get the Reminders and Calendar Widgets to work, you'll have to install iCallbuddy.

Before installing any preset, please open BetterTouchTool, select "Manage Presets" on the bottom left, and export all your Presets. Export Triggers&Settings when you're asked to!!! If anything happens during the installation of another preset (this should not happen, but still), you can go back to what you had easily by double clicking the saved file.

How to add other languages to the Spelling feature

  1. With the Spelling language chosen in System Preferences → Keyboard → Text, open the terminal.

  2. Paste
    defaults read -g NSPreferredSpellServerLanguage
    And press enter. Copy the result somewhere, as you'll need it later.
    eg: if you selected Australian English in the settings, the terminal will show you en_AU.

  3. In the BetterTouchTool window, go to TouchBar → Global → Language (in the "Subgroups" part, open the group) and duplicate one of the language Shell Scripts (⌘C, then ⌘V). It will appear somewhere up in the action list, move it back down to the language group.

  4. Click the rack wheel on the low right corner (next to the execute Shell Script button). In my example, I duplicated the Italian Spelling. Replace it with the abbreviation you got from the terminal (step 1)

  5. Ok, so now we have a new button! But the widget will show a :grey_question: if you added it like this. To fix this, go to TouchBar → Global → CS_FakeControlStrip (open the group) → "Shell Script/Task: Language" (the first one in the group). Double Click it to open it's settings. Copy one of the
    elif [ $MULTI = it ]; then echo 🇮🇹
    lines, and paste it below in order to have it twice. Replace now the language part with the result you got from step.
    eg: This should look like this
    elif [ $MULTI = en_AU ]; then echo 🇮🇹
    Then, change the flag with any emoji of your choice. You should paste it from your clipboard, as you can't add special characters natively in BTT.
    And that's it! Don't forget to hit save :wink:

HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYBODY! Thanks for reading! Tell me what you think :slightly_smiling_face:
The most important at the very end: Caliguvara.bttpreset (23.2 MB)

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:\ Hmmm meaning what?


I don’t want to be harsh but, I guess the similarities are stirring up something inside me..

Maybe if you remixed up and changed how the control strip and it’s insides worked a bit more then it’ll seem fine to post. I’ve come from theme-ing and customising osu! (a rythym game), over there they have a strict rule of no copied elements between creations, so it just might be my background

Sorry if that was a bit harsh!


Sorry man, this really wasn't meant to be like this! That's why I mentioned you and referred also to your great preset! You helped me a lot recently and that's worth a big big thank you! To make things clearer, the idea of the Dock is from a big big part from your preset, as you can see even from the icons! The credits of scripts from the media center are all yours, as well as those from the calendar/Reminders part! Maybe I should have been clearer about this in the initial posting, sorry for hitting a string there, it was honestly not meant to be like this!

My difference is the static way of the Touch Bar, with the lets say "launcher" of the fav' tools. Plus the app specific tools next to the dock, which come in a big part from myself. Those which aren't should have the author's mention in the code.

As this is a community forum I just wanted to share what I use on a daily basis, without offending anyone :v:


Aw its okay, I understand your excitement!

I guess it's okay then, but maybe make it yours a bit more to differentiate the presets, yes? Also I understood why you posted, it was definitely not credit-taking and I can see that, but I just wanted to express how I felt, that's all. Maybe I was a bit harsh there, so sorry!