Calendar Events in AquaTouch b3.4.0

Just now starting to use BTT. One problem I seem to be having with AquaTouch b3.4.0 is that calendar shows No Events Today in touchbar, rather than the events on the calendar. No upcoming events either. @yuuiko

Hi @smaentz,

Have you read the setup instructions and installed iCalBuddy?

AquaTouch needs iCalBuddy to pull events from the calendar.

Thank you. I thought it was installed, as I had clicked the Install button in the setup instructions, which for some reason did nothing. When I copied and executed the button's link, still nothing, other than opening BTT. So I found this page, downloaded the code and installed it according to the config instructions: icalBuddy. Now everything is working fine.

I appreciate your prompt reply and for AquaTouch!

Interesting. Thanks for your feedback!

I’ll revise the code behind that button. Something seems to be going wrong for you there.

Yes, the action for the button was deleted for some reason. It’s back on my copy now

Aha I guess thats a pretty bad bug :face_with_hand_over_mouth: well- “It’s still beta” is my excuse :wink:

Hahaha! Yep, still beta.

You are doing an amazing job with this. Maybe some day I’ll have a chance to look at your code and learn a bit about BTT.

For now I’m just happy that you’re doing the heavy lifting. Thanks again.

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