Bug exporting / importing preset

Running Ventura 13.6 in Macbook Pro 16 M1Max

The last BTT version that imports/exports correctly my presets is v4,272.

When I import/export presets with newer versions, there are missing ttriggers and wrong actions, and also some action are out of the groups.

As example, I have done this test:

  • I import a preset (the last I saved with v4,272)
  • the preset is imported correctly in v4,272 and also well imported in newer versions
  • I export this same preset with v4,272 and import it again and it is well imported
  • I export the same preset with newer versions than v4,272, import it again and the imported triggers and actions are not correct

Some importation with the newer versions of BTT has showed me this alert:

Captura de pantalla 2023-10-21 a les 18.14.07

I have gone back to 4,272

@Andreas_Hegenberg I don't know if it's an issue with my system or a problem of the new versions. Last one I downloaded is 4,7289

weird, would you be able to share your preset (or any preset that causes issues on import)?


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I have send you a new email with additional information

perfect, :+1: I was away for the weekend but will look into it later!

Thanks a lot for your help. This should be fixed in 4.291 now


Bad news from my side.

1- i am in 4,272 with my preset perfectly configured
2- I update to 4,291
3-i open BTT
4- BTT is showing the same behaviour I described you previously by email, with missing triggers and empty triggers

Note that there is no import/export presets here.


What do you think? I do a rename folder and try the process again?

I wait for your reply to do a thing or another.


did you have the 4.289 with the bad import installed in-between? (When upgrading BTT will use the - in this case corrupted - database of the latest version that was used as base for the new one).

So it might be possible you need to delete the BetterTouchTool folder or at least the database files that don’t belong to versions <= 4.272

No, I had the preset well configured in 4,272 and didn't give any problems importing/exporting with 4,272.
From 4,272 I jumped to 4,291

So, do I rename the folder and import the preset that I send you?

Now I see that BTT has now some triggers that I removed these days.

So maybe it's something related with data stored in the BTT folder

How can I remove the database without affecting the license? Or what can I remove from the folder and what not?

that BetterTouchTool folder contains database files for all the recently used versions, if you delete all that have versions > 4.272 (while BTT is quit), it should work

If you just want to keep the license, remove all files from that folder but keep the *.bttlicense files

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I have been trying different presets, importing and exporting, and it seems that everything works fine now, after removing all the data base.

Thanks for your time and your help.

The only thing that still have problems are the visual separators.

The visual separators already created are shown, imported and exported correctly.

But all the new ones I add, are exported/imported with no name.


The issue with visual separators only happens in the floating menus section.

Steps I've done:
1- Remove all items inside the folder /Application Support/BetterTouchTool (except license files)
2-Open BTT
3-Add 1 visual separator with name to every section I use (using Edit>Add New Visual Separator)
4-Save BTT
5-Restart BTT
6-All visual separators are correct
7-Export the preset "Default"
8-Restart BTT
9-Import the preset "Default"
10-All visual separators are ok, except the one inside floating menus section

Screenshots showing before and after importing/exporting:

EDIT: There is another issue I forgot.
The visual separator looses the name, but also always change the 1st font color. In my case, I always set the 2 font colors to white. The first one is changed to a kind of purple.
See the screenshots:


Additional issue when pasting visual separators to floating menus section.

Steps to reproduce
1- Remove all items inside the folder /Application Support/BetterTouchTool (except license files)
2-Open BTT
3-Add 1 visual separator with name to Automations section
4-Copy that visual separator
5-Go to Floating Menus section
7-Nothing is pasted in FM section
8-Go to Automations section
9-the visual separator has been pasted here

FYI: I added a 2nd issue in the previous post, regarding font color,

Should be fixed in 4.296!

works like a charm!!