Bug: Copy + Paste does not show up and re-orders

Select top level trigger and use copy& paste produce error!

I select all triggers inside one top level trigger. I choose& select (!) the next top level trigger and now use cmd+v: nothing happens. The field stays empty. After I click around, suddenly I see BTT pasted inside the top level trigger field. Why? I selected the trigger.

I delete everything. Now I do not only click on the top level trigger, I also create a "nothing" trigger inside. Select it. Press cmd+V. Now it is there, but BTT reorders all triggers in the wrong way.

In general the copy & paste should behave like in Finder. If you copy files from inside a folder and go one level up and select an other folder, it will still paste in the top level and not in the new selected folder.

Maybe you could create a quick video, then I might understand the issue better