BTT vs Apps Keyboard Shortcut conflict detection

It would be nice if BetterTouchTool could detect when creating a new Keyboard Shortcut would conflict with an app's Shortcuts.

I know there are utilities that can look at an App's shortcuts and display them in a list. I know they are not absolute, and maybe just look at the apps menus to see what is advertised.

My idea is that as Apps gain focus, BTT finds the app's keyboard shortcuts, and databases them. For efficiency, BTT would mark the app as having been searched, and ignore it for at least a day or 2.

Over time BTT would have a moderately good list of keyboard shortcuts each app a customer uses.

When a customer wants to create a BTT keyboard shortcut, BTT could scan the local database and see if this would cause a conflict for that specific app, or if it is a global shortcut, all the apps it has in its mini-database, and warn the customer that they might be stepping on an apps toes.

I know this is not perfect, as some apps have shortcuts that are not in the menus and unless there is some registry BTT can cross check, it will miss things.

But this might protect a user from thinking they have the perfect simple key-combo shortcut, only to find some feature of an app no longer works.

Thank you for considering my suggestion.

Like this idea, or some implementation of it shortcut conflict detection, just here to support.

:+1: One of the most difficult things with macOS combo key shortcuts is managing them between apps and the system and between apps.

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