BTT Variable from Clipboard (or other suggestions...)

Hi, I am trying to create a workaround for iOS shortcuts not adding songs to a playlist when using the add to playlist function (it adds it to the iOS device, but not all others...). When you do this shortcut on Mac, it works fine.

I had an idea to press a shortcut on iOS, prompts to select a "tag"/playlist to add the song to, copy that value to the clipboard, and open the BTT Remote app so I can run a BTT trigger which passes a variable to my BTTTagSong AppleScript.

Not sure if there's a simpler way... I have keyboard shortcuts setup to use that script which work great on my Mac, but id like to be able to do this from my phone.

Thanks in advance!

You can run a script from the phone on the Mac by using an IOS shortcut via SSH:

Note: You need to enable "Remote Login" on the Mac.

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Oh thank you! I think this is exactly what I needed, ill try it out later :slight_smile:

This ended up working, and then some! Thanks again