BTT updates failing on 2023 M2 MacBook Pro

2023 16" MacBook Pro (M2 Pro)
macOS Ventura 13.2.1
BTT 4.049 (2267)

I have BTT installed on 3 Macs: the one stated above, a 2021 M1 MacBook Pro, and a 2017 MacBook Pro. The other 2 Macs are able to update online without issues, but the M2 has never successfully updated online. I have had to manually reinstall BTT each time to upgrade its version. Whenever I attempt the online update, it gives the following error:

Update Error!
An error occurred while downloading the update. Please try again later.

Looking at the Mac's logs, I see there's an HTTP 403 response after BTT successfully completes the TLS handshake. Not sure what else to look at since all Macs are running on the same network.

there is nothing special with M2, I have one myself. Could be some firewall or system setting? Or maybe a license issue, possibly forward the license to me via, then I can check whether the system has blacklisted it for some reason.

Troubleshooting revealed the issue to be related to proxy since the downloads come from a domain that my proxy has not classified and, therefore, does not trust. Closing this bug report.

Thanks for the help, Andreas!

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