BTT TouchBar will not display

The bug:
BTT TouchBar will open up once after rebooting my mac, but once closed will not open again. BTT touchbar toggle button does appear, but custom buttons do not.

MacBook Pro 2017 touchbar

Device information:

  • Type of Mac: MacBook Pro 2017
  • macOS version: Mojave 10.14.2
  • BetterTouchTool version: 2.683


Discovered the problem. There's a setting under the general touchbar settings in BTT that hides the BTT touchbar if there are no actions to display. I have one button created that simply presses a keyboard shortcut (being ^ + ⌘ + [). I turned that setting off and now I can toggle the bar on and off like it's supposed to. My button shortcut doesn't work however.

I hope I have identified the issue and fixed it in 2.684 (if not, it would be great if you'd go to the about tab in BTT and click the "export debug info" button. This will create a folder called BetterTOuchToolDebug that you can send to