BTT Touchbar icon missing

I have noticed with the last few alpha versions that the behaviour of the BTT icon beside the default controls on the right is much worse. Most of the time it is missing completely with no way to get it back without restarting BTT and it soon disappears after. The BTT toolbar is still there and working but just the icon is missing.
This does not leave a blank space as reported in another bug, its as if it was never there to begin with. Clicking "Your BTT toolbar is hidden....etc" does not make it re appear.

do you have it enabled in the BTT Touch Bar settings? Maybe some preset you have installed disabled the control strip icon?

Yes it is enabled and there some of the time. I have only noticed this change in the last couple of alphas with no change to any of my settings/ presets/ scripts etc. In fact I do not use presets for the touchbar at all.

I have taken a (crude) video of the behaviour, showing the BTT is working but the icon is missing and only returns when restarted.

Do you have this issue solved? I have the same trouble for a long time

The issue is better for me but not perfect, i'm not sure how BTT get the icon to appear there but i'd imagine its a bit hacky due to apples reluctance to expose nice API's, its most likely a side effect of that.