BTT Touch Bar not opening by default

Hello, so a heavy BTT user here with about 6 years behind this WONDERFUL app :smiley:

I recently formatted two of my production-macs, installed BTT, everything works fine EXCEPT in osx Calendar, where the osx default Touch Bar-config shows instead of BTT's config, I've tried pressing the btt button by the far right of the TB, but still nothing.

When I switch apps, it works just as usual, oh, I have iCloud sync on.

This occurs on two MacBooks, I've searched the preferences, but nothing.

What am I doing wrong, never had this before, and I usually format my Macs every year.

Johannes Drakenberg

Maybe you have disabled BTT or the BTT Touch Bar for the calendar app?

Never even seen those settings (so much for power-user :joy:) , never had to do anything like it, BUT i will test it out, as it somehow seems to have disabled (these installs where in default)

Hmm, still nor working, i set the TB to “show btt, hide mac osx” Still nothing. Perhaps re-installing works :slightly_smiling_face: